We ensure building comfort and productivity through first-rate mechanical construction, automation and service solutions in Ontario industrial, commercial and residential high-rise properties.


30 Years in Business


Ontario Heating and Air Conditioning Limited (OHAC Ltd.) began as a family-run HVACR company.  With its humble beginnings, OHAC Ltd. is now a trusted resource for new construction and retrofit, offering full-scope solutions in sheet metal, design build, as well as installation systems and products.  

OHAC Ltd. continues to operate under the same guiding principles; unparalleled quality, safety and customer service.   

Skilled Mechanics & Safety

Service is always met with technicians who continually train and certify their trade and safety skills.  Our long-term customers hold in high regard the rapport and trust built with our carefully-selected technicians.   OHAC Ltd. journeymen are members of United Association Local 787.

The health and safety of OHAC Ltd. employees is integral to our company culture and productivity. OHAC Ltd. is an active member of ISNetworld. We have centralized our compliance data within the program and streamlined our reporting process, making it easier for clients to prequalify our company. 


Building Services and Maintenance Programs


Our goal is to help managers achieve maintenance excellence. We possess the tools, techniques and leadership skills to accurately manage your capital equipment. We will provide the blueprint for steps and scheduling needed to develop a program that will increase the useful lifespan of your HVACR systems and the reliability of their components. Our service is offered 24/7 with a two (2) hour response time.

OHAC Ltd. will assess the relationship between your HVACR systems and environmental control; addressing thermal comfort and indoor air quality, heating, cooling and moisture regulation, air distribution and pressure regimes, energy usage, solar and internal gains, and natural and hybrid ventilation. 


Mechanical Contracting

OHAC Ltd. is a trusted resource for new construction and retrofit, offering full-scope solutions in sheet metal, design build, as well as installation systems and products.

Our mission is to exceed expectations while addressing budgetary constraints from beginning to end.


Building controls can be invaluable in maintenance diagnostics by improving response time to maintenance issues via troubleshooting.

We offer a comprehensive range of building automation solutions that assure occupant comfort and provide your facility managers with actionable data that will reduce energy consumption and operation costs.




Your ability to operate in a sound and efficient workplace is how we measure our performance. We take great pride in seeing that the timing and quality of your production is in no way compromised or restricted.

Ontario Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. currently provides complex solutions on full-range and specialized HVAC/R equipment to a wide variety of industries and manages the comfort of commercial and residential buildings.



Airports  .  Commercial Properties  .  Convention Centres  .  Food and Beverage Processing  .  Packaging  .  Government and Education  .  Industries and Integrated Manufacturing  .  Recreational Facilities  .  Retail and Residential Buildings


Some of Our Customers Include:


24/7 service and competitive rates  .  Complimentary consults  .  2 hour response time  .  Field management software  .  Energy management solutions  .  Preventative maintenance programs  .  Loyalty and incentive programs  .  Direct communication 905 - 726 - 4141